Ya know how when you’re on your phone and come across an article, tweet, or video you want to save for later? Have you ever emailed it to yourself?

I do this all the time. Sure, each service has their own way of “saving it for later”, but then I’ve got to remember to go check all those places.

Having it in my inbox is just way more convenient. I’ve tried some bookmark and reminder apps over the years, but there’s something special about my inbox. I keep coming back to it. It’s the one place that always gets checked.

But, if you count the taps necessary to send yourself email, it’s a lot. Too much. To streamline the effort, I found an iOS app called MailToSelf, and used it joyfully for a few years. But the creators recently shut it down.

Off I went in search of a replacement. There’s a few out there, but they offer way more in features and complexity than I need. I want to share a note or link with the absolute minimum of taps.

I hadn’t created an iOS app for several years. This was a good opportunity to do it again. So, I set out to create an app to email myself. I even came up with a great name for it: TapTapMail.

In part 2, I dive back into iOS development.